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Notre 1ère masterclasse de la rentrée sera consacrée au secteur de l’agriculture en quête d’un nouveau souffle dans un contexte de crise sur fond de tension internationale et d’urgence climatique.

Nous recevrons un panel diversifié d’acteurs qui oeuvrent pour une révolution du secteur.

En collaboration avec Nagata Global Partners

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Feeding the population is a universal fundamental pillar and also a major economic challenge for any country.


If the modernization of agriculture, in particular thanks to the mechanization and hybridization of seeds, has increased yields tenfold, the sector in France is unfortunately facing an unprecedented crisis: a fall in the number of farmers (1.5% of the active population in France), unsatisfactory remuneration, arduous work, lack of attractiveness of the sector for young people (more than 50% of farmers are over 50 years old), climate problems, changes in consumer expectations, impoverishment of soils following decades of intensive agriculture, breakthrough of organic farming….


On the other side of the globe, Japanese agriculture is facing major challenges: an aging agricultural population (average age of 67 years old), fragmented land, rural desertification, low competitiveness, shortage of labor, an unprofitable activity and a strong dependence on public subsidies. Historically strongly supported, it provides less than 40% of food self-sufficiency. A major importer both for its consumption and for the functioning of its agriculture and its agri-food industry, Japan is highly dependent on external supplies.The agricultural sector is changing little due to the strong rural parliamentary lobby acting in concert with a powerful trade union opposed to reforms.


Our masterclass dedicated to Agritech will present the actors who are working for a revolution in the sector in France and Japan.


More about AgriTech? Read this article!

Kimihiko Nagata, Owner, Nagata Global Partners, gives you a rich analysis of today’s agriculture challenges in France and in Japan.


Based in France since 1996, Kimihiko Nagata is specialized in change management, support for strategic and intercultural projects between Europe and Asia.

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