Prophesee (formerly Chronocam) is the inventor of the world’s most advanced neuromorphic vision systems.

Prophesee’s patented technology breakthrough introduces a new computer vision paradigm based on how the human eye and brain work to dramatically improve the efficiency and intelligence of vision sensing and processing.

The company’s unique event-based method selects only the most useful and relevant elements of a scene, reducing the powerlatency and data processing requirements imposed by traditional frame-based systems.

As an initial application of its technologies, Prophesee created the first artificial silicon retina, used today in medical devices built to restore sight to blind people.

Prophesee’s sensors and vision systems open vast new potential in areas such as autonomous vehiclesindustrial automationIoTsecurity and surveillance, and AR/VR. Its innovations improve safety, reliability efficiency and user experiences across a broad range of use models.

Prophesee is based Passage de l’innovation in Paris, with local offices in Japan and USA. It is built on more than 20 years of research in the field of neuromorphic engineering, driven by a team of 70 visionary and global engineers, holds more than 50 international patents and is backed by leading international investors including 360 Capital Partners, Supernova Invest, iBionext, Intel Capital, Renault Group, and Robert Bosch Venture Capital.

Prophesee is opening a new era for Machine Vision.