SEMINAR The Development of Video Games and e-sports in Japan by Mr. Kenji MATSUBARA From 6.00 to 7.00 PM at MCJP

Mr. Kenji MATSUBARA 🤖­CEO | SNK­He will take you on an exploration of the history of computer games, from their creation to the golden age of arcade games, through the explosion of home consoles and the digital gaming revolution online. he will also delve into the rise of « e-sports », showcasing its exciting development with examples from SNK. The origins of computer games date back to 1912, over a century ago. From their humble beginnings as simple programs, computer games or video games as they are commonly known, have evolved alongside technological progress, transcending age and gender to become a global phenomenon. Amidst this evolution, “esports” (electronic sports) has emerged as a dynamic new sporting frontier, evolving into a culture loved and embraced by many. ­

Language : English Free entryRegistrations before 30th June at la Maison de Culture du Japon à Paris101 bis Quai Jacques Chirac, 75015 Paris